About us

Focus Insurance Agency 2012 Ltd (hereinafter – “Focus").

Focus is a leader in pension and financial planning in Israel. Our expert financial planners are licensed by the Ministry of Finance in the field of pension marketing.

Our staff of planners provides service to more than 1,500 private clients, supporting them in management of assets worth over 3.5 billion NIS. Support and assistance are provided through planning and program analysis in various fields and in accordance with client needs, such as pension solutions, financial plans, individual and family risk management and protection, taxation and financial household planning. (In addition, our planners make sure to connect the clients to other leading professionals if required.)

The company believes that professional pension and financial planning is significant for both private and business clients. Following is a comprehensive 4-step service plan:

  1. Current situation – analysis of pension situation at the time of initial meeting.
  2. Desired situation – analysis of the client’s future needs with an emphasis on client’s desires, aspirations and capabilities.
  3. Modifications and adjustments – providing solutions/suggestions and guiding towards the realization of client’s aspirations.
  4. Long-term Professional and personal support.

Focus Insurance Agency puts in effort to support its clients throughout any pension or finance related process in order to allow the clients to maximize their potential in establishing long-term financial security and stability. We take part in all stages of the process and undertake to provide a reliable, professional and courteous service.


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