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A home for planning and managing personal and family assets.

About Us

The Focus team specializes in financial planning, wealth management and intergenerational transfer. Founded in January 2012, our team have 120 years of accumulated years of experience in the field.

Currently, the Focus team  provides capital management and planning services for investments totaling 6 billion NIS, the equivalent of some 1.8 billion US dollars, in channels such as pension plans, investment portfolios in the capital market, hedge funds, P2P lending platforms, real estate and privet equity in startups.

The team which makes this vast enterprise possible is comprised of 11 financial planners licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Finance, each highly experienced in managing investments, and 35 back-office staff -as well as loyal clients who have  trusted us to guide their investments over the past decade.

And for good reason – the services we provide have enabled them to wisely direct their investments into avenues which have provided them with sustainable and impressive returns, shielded from the risks of these tumultuous times.

מי אנחנו

Your trusted partner for the road ahead

Focus provides each client with customized solutions based on a meticulous personal assessment and characterization process, in order to achieve the following financial goals:

  • Analysis of the existing situation.
  • Preparing a suitable mixture of custom capital assets.
  • Tax Planning.
  • Diversification of investments.
  • Identify new investment opportunities.
  • Retirement planning.

Our Values

  • Integrity – We believe and act with full fairness and treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Professionalism All our staff have wide experience in the fields of investments, finance, operations and service.
  • Fidelity – We work for our clients in full commitment to their interests.
  • Transparency – We work openly and in full Collaboration with our clients and partners
  • Familyhood – We view our team, clients and business partners as our family, and hence our absolute commitment to their interests and welfare.

Our Values

Our Benefits

  • Deep knowledge and extensive experience in the Israeli and international investment market.
  • Close connection with the leading Israeli investment talents.
  • Direct access to successful and interesting investment opportunities.
  • Ability to conduct unique market research according to specific requirements.

Contact Us

Phone: +972-73-7966800
Email: office@focus-inv.co.il
Address: 3 Hasadna St., Tirat Carmel